What is our vision?

Our communities.

At Blissful Living, we believe everyone deserves to lead a healthy, sustainable, and meaningful life. That’s why we’re committed to creating communities where individuals can get the support, resources, and professional guidance needed to achieve a better life. We will design holistic communities where people can live, work and can have a great time. These communities will be ecstatic experiences for all senses.


When you step foot in a Blissful Living community, your entire sense of being will feel alleviation from the pressures, stresses, and burdens of the outside world. This blissful, joyful, and peaceful atmosphere is the perfect space to make monumental strides on your path to a more blissful life. Every element of our communities is coordinated by our qualified and highly skilled team of concierges.


We believe in helping perpetuate a circular economy during the construction phase. It is our aim to install energy and utility solutions that have the least impact on our environment.

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The Blissful Living platform.

The Blissful Living platform is specifically designed to support individuals just like you on their journey to becoming the best versions of themselves. You have so much untapped potential just waiting to flourish, and our platform can help bring it out. It’s a place where you can gain inspiration and support from like-minded people in addition to world-class guidance from various specialists.


By adding energizing and impactful routines to your life, you’ll start seeing incremental changes. Before you know it, you’ll be on a whole new path in life - one that’s more energising, peaceful and sustainable. The Blissful Living Platform reinforces positive changes by keeping track of your progress and rewarding your engagement with our very own Ananda token which can be redeemed for rewards.


The Blissful Living tokens.

There are two tokens built into the Blissful Living ecosystem which are designed to create a more effective and engaging platform.

Discount Token - [Insert Name]

Our [insert token name] will get you discounts on fantastic Blissful Living services through the Blissful Living Platform. This token is available for anyone to purchase, and there’s no limit on how many you can collect.

Engagement Token - Ananda

The Ananda token rewards participants for their engagement on the Blissful Living Platform. That’s right! You can get rewards for engaging in a community and resources that will increase your level of wellbeing. Talk about a win-win! We’re so passionate about helping people improve their situations, that we’re putting our money where our mouth is…literally.


When you use Blissful Living services and engage with the online platform, you’ll gain engagement points (EP). Periodically, these EPs will be used to distribute the Ananda tokens to all participants. The Ananda tokens exist in a pool and aren’t purchasable. The tokens will only have value once Blissful Living profits are being used to "buy" the pool tokens, after which the tokens will be distributed to the participants. A smart contract will sell these tokens for your local currency. This will result in your local currency being deposited right into your bank account.


The Blissful Living Wellness as a Service (WaaS) Products.

The amazing Blissful Living community and resources will be available through our WaaS products. We’re making our professional and impactful service available via subscription so you can improve your life no matter where you are.


These services will be provided in monthly subscription plans with unlimited use. Services will range from yoga, breath work, meditation classes, martial arts classes, and a well-deserved visit to a wellness spa.


Before starting with these activities, the program starts with a visit to our Ayurveda specialist and our shiatsu therapist or foot reflexologist.


Get ready to feel your absolute best!

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We are on a quest to change a fundamental aspect of our lives; our health and wellbeing. Do you want to help create this fulfilling impact? Sign up and stay updated on our progress. 

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