Our Roadmap

1. Ananda Token Pre Sale

There is a lot going on in the development and set-up of the Ananda token, so we are going to launch a presale to kickstart the process. Anyone eager to get in on the ground floor at Blissful Living is encouraged to take a stake at this early stage. You will get rewards for being some of the first investors on top of all the amazing things that will come as we grow!

The aim is to set up the needed organisation structure to be able to bring the Blissful Living concept to fruition. Secondly we would like to acquire a plot of land in the London area where we can develop our first Blissful Living community

2. Platform Development

After the initial token presale, we will get to work on developing a Blissful Living platform where participants can schedule sessions with various health services and gain more insights into leading the healthiest lifestyle possible. The Ananda token will be integrated into the platform to pay for certain services and to reward users for healthy behavior!

3. Launch & Rewards

The final stage of our roadmap is the official launch of Blissful Living and our health platform. When we launch the first Blissful Living community and the platform are ready for use. Everything is building up to this exciting and rewarding time.

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